Brophy Services Inc.

Facilities Maintenance, Janitorial Services & Distributor

Janitorial Services Syracuse NY

Brophy Services Inc. is headquartered in Syracuse New York. We are a fully insured, comprehensive janitorial company that has provided facilities maintenance, commercial cleaning, janitorial services and product distribution to businesses since 1986. With over 30 years in the cleaning and janitorial industry, Brophy Services has the experience needed to help create a combination of services to partner with you in maintaining your facility.

Brophy Services is the Solution provider.

Services we offer include: carpet cleaning, concrete polishing, exterior window cleaning, floor care, kaivacing/restroom cleaning, office cleaningsolar panel cleaning, and distribution of janitorial supplies and custom paper products.


  • Quality is an agreed upon standard between our business and our client
  • Quality doesn’t exist unless you involve the customer. If the customer doesn’t think so, it isn’t
  • 1000 US adults 94% would avoid a business if they encountered a dirty restroom – restroom cleanliness is the primary value
  • 50% of all complaints come from the restroom

We provide Janitorial Services to over 160 commercial properties in Upstate NY

Brophy Services is the largest most well–respected Women Business Enterprise (WBE) service contractor in Central New York. We value long term partnerships with clients who are concerned with quality, responsiveness and reliability. Brophy Services has established itself as a leader in delivering innovative, cutting edge solutions to our clients.
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