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Brophy Services can create a combination of services to partner with you in maintaining your facility. Janitorial services we provide include carpet cleaning, concrete polishing, exterior window cleaning, floor care, kaivacing/restroom cleaning, office cleaning and solar panel cleaning.

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High Level Window Cleaning Services

Brophy Services offers both internal and external window cleaning service for a wide variety of commercial buildings as well as large office blocks, apartments, sports complexes, schools, business parks. At Brophy Services we have over 30 years experience of commercial window cleaning, we offer a reliable, regular and cost effective service and are conscious of Health and Safety requirements. We incorporate the latest in “Ladder-less Cleaning Equipment“.
We use a de-ionized water system for spot-free cleaning results. This system creates 99.9% pure water thereby eliminating spotting on glass surfaces.


High Flow Water-Fed Window Cleaning

This method of cleaning has revolutionized the cleaning industry. Its many benefits far outweigh other cleaning methods. By using water which is pumped through telescopic poles, we are capable of accessing and cleaning windows to heights up to 45 feet. There are no Health and Safety risks preventing its use in any way, making it the safest and most cost effective method of cleaning with excellent results. We highly recommend it to our clients.



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